Custom Crafted Applications & Programming

Current day software solutions not working for you?

Professional application design, development with managed hosting services all in one house specifically engineered to your needs.

Micro Controller IoT Gizmo DEV

// we speak to machines and circuits with code :)

Thinking about an IoT project but can't find the right pieces? We have been designing and building micro-controller devices since the dawn of the Arduino.  We can walk you through all the steps necessary to design and engineer a device specific to your needs.

  • IOT Project Design and Development
  • Helium Network
  • Chirpstack
  • The Things Network (TTN)
  • Gateway Hosting

IOT Device Prototyping

We can custom design and build micro controller devices for your specific needs.

LoRaWAN Gateway and Application Hosting

Application servers and IoT projects go hand in hand. Host your own gateways and applications on your own bare mental server.  Put your devices inside our secure data center and we will host your roof mounted antennas, LoRaWan Gateways and monitoring servers for your own private or cloud based applications. 

We can also design and create custom solutions. 

  • LoRaWAN Private Gateway Rooftop Hosting
  • Data Collection Application Hosted or on isWS Cloud Services

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